Synergize Plus

In this age of myriad process improvement methodologies and technologies vying to improve your business, it is often seen that they tend to compete with each other for your attention; and in case multiple such methodologies and technologies are implemented, they tend to be at cross-roads with each other. We at Synergize Plus believe that there is a place for every methodology and technology only if they are applied right. Each methodology has its own pros and cons and can deliver the best results for you only if they are optimally applied. 

Our team has over 15 years of experience delving into multiple methodologies and technologies and have thus obtained a rich experience of knowing their suitability for the task-at-hand. As such, we offer you a consolidated methodology-agnostic business optimization experience. 

We also offer process improvement trainings for you, both that are off-the-shelf as well as those that are customized to your unique requirements


Our Process Re-engineering practices is based on our ability to assimilate an end-to-end view of a process; to be able to look at the big picture as well as zoom-in to extricate improvement opportunities at a micro-level. Having expertise across multiple process improvement and automation techniques, we practice a methodology-agnostic process improvement technique in an agile framework that can synergistically imbibe various facets of process simplification, automation and people practices to help clients generate Cost Savings, improve Customer Experience, enhance Controls to reduce Business Risks and institutionalize a Continuous Improvement Culture

While we offer Process Re-engineering services to improve end-to-end businesses and processes, we have also modularized our offerings to cater to specific needs of organizations at different stages of  life-cycle



As the name suggests, Customized Trainings are designed to cater to specific needs of your organization. These can either be trainings on specific process improvement tools and techniques (e.g. 5S, Kaizen) or a process improvement methodology and toolkit designed specifically to suit your organization's unique needs



Standard Trainings enhance the participants' skill-sets by providing certification courses in process improvement methodologies

Subhasis Das

Subhasis has 18+ years of professional experience in Business Process Re-engineering,Process Excellence and Process Design across various domains, multiple geographies and cultures. He has proven expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, Robotics, Change Management and Project Management.

He is also an acclaimed trainer in Process Improvement techniques, having delivered Process Excellence and Project Management trainings globally and has been the Global Lead Trainer for a Top 10 Fortune 500 company.

He has led improvement initiatives and conducted trainings in 20+ countries.

Subhasis is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a certified professional in Program Management and Project Management and a certified Process Auditor; and can count being an alumni of Indian Institute of Management (IIM Bangalore), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI Bangalore) and Indian School of Business (ISB Hyderabad)